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Capture Quest

Photography Challenge

The first camper from each cohort to complete the quest shall be the official winners. Any additional successful submissions shall only gain points for their respective houses.

Photography Types:
  1. Portrait (Person)
  2. Black & White
  3. Golden Hour (Sunset)
  4. Nature
  5. Architecture
Product Booth:
  1. Bottle of Water
  2. Bar of Soap
  3. mBot Robot
  4. A Fruit
  5. Food Product
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Mimic & Marvel

Graphic Design Challenge

The challenge is to recreate the following poster design to the best of your abilities! The best replicas from each cohort will be the official winners. Any graphic design software can be used, however the camp standard is Canva.

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Bug Buster Challenge!

Coding Challenge

The challenge is to find and fix all the bugs which are in the code! The level of difficulty is based on your cohort and courses you do, therefore you should select the appropriate one. Good Luck!

The office staff of Create Caribbean has a mobile application containing screens for each employee. Each employee screen is accessible from the app’s home screen. It was reported that some pages aren’t loading correctly whilst others are not allowing you to return to the welcome screen. There are four (4) bugs.

This is a simple yet stylish website with a green header containing navigation links, some content within, and a footer establishing copyrights. It was reported that errors were made in the HTML code which prevents certain styles from taking effect. Additionally, some elements may be out of place or invisible.

This is a simple website that accepts anyone’s name and only wishes to greet them personally! However, it was reported that it unfortunately doesn’t do anything when the Submit button is clicked. Find and fix all the bugs that are hidden within the JavaScript code!

Make sure you select the challenge you attempted when submitting your files!


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