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To get the most out of your summer camp experience we recommend you carry the following items with you daily. Additional items such as boardgames are also welcomed, however they are not necessary.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best device for Create and Code participation is a desktop or laptop computer. This allows for campers to be able to navigate easily between the live teaching session window and the tools/browsers they will use to complete activities.

    A tablet is also acceptable and course tutors will help campers navigate their devices to get the most out of each class. Early learners in Bytes and Kilobytes cohorts will be fine with just tablets.

    Mobile phones can be used and campers who own one should bring them along no matter what device they’re using for lessons. We test mobile apps and point them to resources available on those devices. However, mobile phones are not ideal for live sessions and activities.

    We schedule an average of four hour-long sessions per day per cohort. Each camper can attend as few or as many sessions as their schedule and attention will allow for any given day.  

    We use the Moodle platform for document and information sharing, and Zoom for live class sessions. Campers will be assigned a cohort, given a schedule which  will be shared by email and then added to their respective course spaces upon payment of registration fees.

    We accept campers at all skill levels within the stated age range from 5-16. The Camp Cohort flier explains in detail the assigned groups and skill level required for their respective cohort assignments.

    Each course will have at least one instructor and one classroom support team member assigned. These Create Caribbean team members will identify themselves at the beginning of every class and will work to monitor student engagement.


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